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Explore the features of tine and disc cultivators for shallow tillage, deep cultivation and subsoiling, for creating fine seedbeds to encourage seed germination, power- and ground-driven rotary cultivators for straw, stubble and crop residue incorporation and to cut crop establishment costs.

Advice and tips


Tips for picking the best cultivator wearing metal

Replacing cultivator legs, wings and points can be a depressingly regular and ruinously expensive pastime for those working in the nation’s most abrasive soils. But instead of hunting around for…


6 ways to improve autumn soil cultivation regimes

Many operators can be guilty of pulling the cultivator out the shed, heading to the field and cracking on with ground work, with the only parameter of success the sight…


How, why and when to mole drain

Soggy fields, ruts deeper than your wellies and bubbling water from broken drains are all telltale signs your field drainage could do with a boost. It’s only in a wet…


Latest high-speed disc cultivators set to work at Tillage-Live

Designed primarily for shallow cultivation of stubbles, the short disc cultivator, has become an increasingly popular farming tool – and so the makes, models, features and options available have multiplied. Underlining their appeal,…

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Case studies


How to adapt cut-price cultivators to low-disturbance system

When Michael and Will Scholey decided it was time to stop damaging their ground with high horsepower tracked crawlers and deep, intensive cultivation, they drafted in some expert help. This…


Low-disturbance toolbar expands tillage options

Managing a 1,600ha mainly arable operation with variable soil types and a significant blackgrass burden requires a flexible approach to crop establishment. That’s why Joe White, farm manager at Cannon…


Why Lincs contractor Rockscape relies on subsoiling toolbar

Going cold turkey with tillage to slash establishment costs and improve long-term soil health comes with an inherent risk to crop yields, so Scunthorpe-based contractor Rockscape opted for a more…


Bespoke direct-drill set up to carry discs or subsoiler legs

Craig Peddie returned home to his family’s Fife farm in 2014 determined to pare down the intensive crop establishment regime to something that involved less soil movement, labour and machinery…

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Inventions Comp 2024: Andrew Metson’s Vaderstad Carrier

By treating his 24-year-old 5m Vaderstad Carrier to a series of upgrades, Andrew Metson has created a multi-use cultivator that can double up as a cover crop drill. In its…


Inventions Comp 2021: Craig Peddie’s high-speed Seedtilla

Craig Peddie’s Seedtilla The 5m hydraulic folding Seedtilla is Craig Peddie’s answer to high-speed shallow cultivations. Built during the spring lockdown to fill the void of his drastically curtailed social…

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Chain-linked disc harrows offer speedy stubble management

Chain-linked disc cultivators have yet to take off in the UK, but their simplicity, moderate power requirement and ability to incorporate stubbles at high speeds could change that. The versatility…


Side-shift linkage options deliver pinpoint crop weeding

Razor-sharp RTK guidance systems have nailed the art of driving tractors in arrow-straight lines, but they can’t deal with the inevitable wandering of implements on undulating ground and in changeable…


Video: Low-cost tool offers alternative to post-harvest spraying

A novel Aussie-designed mechanical weed-seeking tool is set to go into commercial production this year, offering growers a non-chemical, less weather-dependent alternative to pricey stubble spraying regimes. The Weed Chipper…


10 single-pass cultivator options for heavy land

Heavy cultivation might not be the trendiest of topics these days, but machines that can whip up a seed-bed in a single pass are still in high demand. Since it…

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Carre Klinea camera-guided hoe tackles cereal crop weeds

The rise in demand for mechanical weeders has prompted French firm Carre to build a model specifically for working in cereal crops. The Econet Klinea SGI, which is imported by…


He-Va launches Top Strigle straw harrow

Farmers looking for a quick and relatively cheap means of spreading harvest trash, disturbing slug eggs and encouraging a flush of grassweeds now have He-Va's Top Strigle to consider. Like…


Wider Swifterdisc and narrower Atlas cultivators from Bednar

A wider working width will enable Bednar’s Swifterdisc short disc cultivator to maximise the output of tractors above 500hp, while a narrower version of the more aggressive Atlas helps balance…


Ultra-flat ActiCut slices through stubble to kill weeds

A consortium of German farmers and mechanical engineers has developed a novel low-disturbance mechanical weed killer as part of its 2019-launched 4Disc business. The ActiCut has three banks of sharp-edged…

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Test and reviews


Spirit fertiliser and seed into place

Growers in Scotland who like to put down some fertiliser with their cereal seed will welcome the  the Spirit Next System Disc Combo (SDC). Using standard components throughout, the SDC…

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Video: At the Auctions - Rainthorpe Farms sale

Farmers arrived from all corners of the country to see 375 lots get knocked down at one of the largest arable estates in recent years. Farmers Weekly was on hand…


Video: Grower cuts fuel costs as new drill hits blackgrass

The need to slash soaring fuel costs while tackling blackgrass at the same time has led to a wholesale change in establishment system on one Leicestershire estate. Farming 1,130ha of…

Tillage Event 2009

The two Tillage 2009 events take place at Down Ampney, Cirencester, Gloucestershire on 15 September and Kelso, Roxburghshire on 1 October. Both events offer farmers a great chance to see the latest…

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