Forward oilseed rape© RBI

To say growers have endured some baffling weather in the last month or so is probably an understatement, after the warmest December since records began in 1910 and the wettest of any month ever recorded.

Mean temperatures sat at about 4C above the long-term average last month and the affect this has had on crop growth is startling.

As a result of the unseasonably mild weather oilseed rape crops in particular are weeks ahead of normal growth, with the absence of any significant cold spell leaving plants looking rather confused about the time of year.

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The monster crops are beginning to cause concern for some growers as the large canopies bring a greater risk of lodging.

Others are hoping for colder conditions to delay further growth and see an opportunity to save on fertiliser applications in the spring.

If you’re having to change your oilseed rape canopy management plans to reflect how forward your crops are, let Oli Hill know on 07881 803 480, email or tweet @OliHillFW.