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Cereals 2021: Izona shows low-disturbance subsoiler

After stealing the limelight with its direct-drill launch at Groundswell, Izona hit the Cereals showground with a low-disturbance subsoiler designed to crack compacted ground without causing too much disruption. It…


Cereals 2021: Standard carbon footprinting tool by 2023

A carbon footprinting tool based on a common, UK industry-wide approach is being developed by the AHDB and Defra and should be ready by the start of 2023, it was…


Cereals 2021 - Video: Twin-rotor drone set to improve spraying

A new generation drone, designed to improve spraying performance with its twin rotors and smaller, more robust design, aims to transform how farm inputs are applied. The V40 drone, developed…


Cereals 2021: He-Va's Stealth subsoiler gets OSR kit

Opico is to offer He-Va's Stealth subsoiler with a drilling kit for crops such as oilseed rape, following strong demand for the machine since its launch at Lamma in 2019.…


Cereals 2021: Amazone updates self-propelled Panterra 4080

A new induction hopper and pump are the stand-out improvements to Amazone’s enormous Panterra 4080 self-propelled sprayer. See also: Simple 24m mounted sprayers for less than £30k The system was…


Cereals 2021: Brock monster 12m Campaign drill

A 12m version of J Brock and Sons’ Campaign drill was the main talking point on the Essex-based dealer's Cereals stand. And with a whopping 13.35m version designed for those…

Cereals 2021

Welcome to Cereals 2021, we are all so looking forward to meeting everyone face-to-face again. So come along to catch up with new exhibitors and old friends, be wowed by new machinery, learn from others and generally have a fantastic day out in the field. We're pleased to be back.

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Poll: Will you attend ‘live’ shows amid Covid?

The coronavirus pandemic has decimated the UK agricultural shows calendar for a second year in a row, with big-name casualties including Lamma and the Royal Welsh Show. But following a…


Cereals 2021: Agriweld launches low-disturbance cultivators

East Yorkshire-based Agriweld has developed a brace of low-disturbance cultivators as it continues to widen its tillage offering. The new Min Disc (pictured above) and Min Dis have been two…


Livestock farmers to receive free annual vet health checks

Livestock producers in England are to receive a free annual veterinary review to improve animal health and reduce disease incidents on their farms.  Speaking at the Cereals event on Wednesday…


Cereals 2021: New Clearfield OSR offers step up in yield

Oilseed rape growers looking to grow a Clearfield variety to tackle weed problems can benefit from a new variety offering a step up in yield along with resistance to pod…


Cereals 2021: Low-drift nozzle improves coverage

A new nozzle that enhances spray application efficacy, minimises environmental losses and improves blackgrass control is now available to arable farmers and sprayer operators. Combining performance from Syngenta's 3D nozzle…


Cereals 2021: Luke Haynes is champion sprayer operator

A Kent sprayer operator has been named Syngenta Farm Sprayer Operator of the Year 2021 after impressing the judges with his attitude and top tip. The prestigious award was presented…


Cereals 2021: Ramularia quick test for barley set for 2022

A rapid test for ramularia is set to be available for barley growers next year to counter the growing threat from this particularly difficult disease to control. The test, called…


Cereals 2021: Defra pledges 30% uplift in soil health payments

Support payments for farmers who improve soil health will be some 30% higher under the government's new environmental scheme for England, Defra has pledged. But farmers are being warned that…

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