Organic manure has again proved its worth at Wold Farm, Driffield, Yorkshire, where Paul Temple is pretty pleased with some of his wheat yields.

“We had Duxford and Beluga, and the Beluga seemed happier with the weather,” he said. “We generally use low seed rates, of 200/m2, and use a lot of organic manure in the rotation.

“That has certainly had a beneficial effect, with better fertility and better moisture retention during the dry spring.”

Beluga had averaged close to 10t/ha, while Duxford had come off at 7-8t/ha.

Meridian and Cassia winter barley had performed better than expected, at 9t/ha, but Expower oilseed rape was a little disappointing, at 3.7t/ha, said Mr Temple.

“It’s been a constant struggle with the showers and late starts, so we’re glad to have finished. There’s a bit left to do in the area, but it’s coming to an end now.”

Surprisingly, the crops had come in quite dry after the wet summer, due in the main to the low bushel weights, he added. “The wheat came in at 69-72kg/hl.”

Fortunately, he had managed to drill all his oilseed rape, although it hadn’t been easy.

“With the soil as wet as it is, we decided to plough it, and it was as if we were ploughing at the end of December.”