Forming beds for potato planting©Tim Scrivener

Operators who apply granular nematicides are urged to take advantage of free operator training currently on offer before funding runs out.

The Nematicide Stewardship Programme (NSP) was set up in response to increasing regulatory pressure on nematicide products Nemathorin, Vydate and Mocap.

The NSP aims to maintain these crucial tools for controlling nematodes in a range of root crops, including potatoes, through cross-industry co-operation to deliver stewardship advice.

Environmental, operator and consumer protection are the key drivers and the three manufacturers of the products – Syngenta, DuPont and Certis – put funding into a pot for operator training.


  • Mocap – ethoprophos
  • Nemathorin – fosthiazate
  • Vydate – oxamyl

The NSP developed a “best practice” course and is part of the Nematicide Application Protocol in the Red Tractor assurance scheme, which requires all operators applying nematicides to have completed the training by March 2017.

Alan Horgen, technical specialist at Certis, said the industry has to ensure the products are used correctly to ensure sustainable nematicide use for the future.

He stressed that those operators with National Proficiency Testing Council (NPTC) PA4 and PA4G granule applicator certificates were not exempt from the requirement.

“It is essential that all operators understand the basic code of practice. Over the past twenty years things have moved on and machinery has changed.

“There is still a pot of money there, but it is running out, so I would urge people to do it now. It is the last chance to get it free,” he said.

The course is delivered by Artis Training – for more information or to book the course visit the Artis Training website.