Free-range Friday campaign launched

Wednesday 02 May 2012 16:00

The British Hen Welfare Trust is launching a Free-range Friday campaign, to encourage consumers to support the British egg industry by buying free-range eggs.

It is estimated that 1bn eggs for processing are currently imported into the UK.

With many EU countries still non-compliant with the conventional cage ban rulings, it is believed a significant proportion of these eggs could be coming from illegal systems.

As a result, the British Hen Welfare Trust wants people to get-together on the first Friday of every month, starting this Friday (4 May) and cook meals with free-range eggs.

Jane Holdworth, founder of the Trust, said: "Our aim with Free-range Friday is to spread the word, so that people actively choose free-range eggs when doing their shopping.

"As a nation we care very much about welfare and how the food we eat is produced. Many people choose free-range shell eggs, but how many people think to check labels of processed food like ice-cream, quiche, ready meals and cakes?

"It is consumers who ultimately influence welfare by the choices they make in their shopping basket."

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