Massey launches flagship 7600-Series tractor

Thursday 06 September 2012 09:31

Massey Ferguson has unveiled its flagship model for the 7600 series tractor range. The MF 7626 Dyna-6 shares its build with two existing models using a 7.4-litre Sisu engine, but has a 20hp advantage over the 235/260hp MF 7624 for little extra weight.

"With 255hp output for draft work and up to 280hp available when the power boost system is triggered, this tractor has a unique combination of weight and power," said Campbell Scott of MF. "Its closest competitors are either heavier or have less horsepower; so it's ideal for farmers wanting a machine of this size to do a lot of towing and top-work before ballasting it for heavy draft operations."

Torque output is also generous, in part thanks to the second-generation SCR emissions control technology that allows unfettered combustion tuning. For draft work, torque peaks at 1049Nm, while 1145Nm is generated when driving pto implements or equipment with a high demand for continuous hydraulic power.

AutoDrive is standard, so the operator can elect to have the transmission shift automatically through the six powershift speeds in each of the four ranges, which gives 24 speeds in each direction. Available for road and field work, the feature increases work rates and cuts fuel consumption, according to MF.

The Dyna-6 transmission is uprated where necessary - but there is no Fendt-derived Dyna-VT stepless version.

"That would have meant using a heavier-duty version of the box, and we didn't want to compromise the concept by making the tractor heavier," said Campbell Scott. "Besides, the Dyna-6 has greater mechanical efficiency and with manual or auto power shifting through the 24 speeds, it is pretty versatile."

Several permutations of equipment, features and controls are available to suit different roles on the farm, AutoGuide satellite steering can be added to the numerous automated features fitted as standard, and telemetry for remote tracking and monitoring is also available.

Telematics on balers

Contractors operating Massey Ferguson big square balers can now monitor their performance and gather job data using a telemetry system for the machines.

The AgCommand system, which is already available on larger MF tractors and combines, transmits data via a mobile phone link to a computer that users can access using the internet.

"Users can log in and see where balers are located and whether they're moving or not," explained Adam Sherriff, MF harvest products specialist. "A dashboard display on the office computer provides a quick check of things such as bale numbers and weights - recorded by a dynamic on-board system.

"But detailed reports relating to output and even the number of flakes a bale give users valuable information for job recording and to analyse the performance of individual machines and operators," he added.

AgCommand is available on all models, including the new MF 2170 XD, which produces bales up to 20% denser than standard versions.

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