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swine flu.

Swine flu: good news for British pig producers?

This week’s swine flu “crisis” is a mixed blessing for British pig producers. Of course there is enormous frustration that the term “swine flu” is being used at all, especially when the virus has never been found in pigs and is very much a human condition.

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Supermarket ombudsman can’t come too soon

The relationship between primary producers and the supermarkets is, at best, a prickly one. Tales of farmer suppliers being dumped on from a great height are commonplace.

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Banks look to profit from cheap money

Everyone knows that the banks are desperate to recoup some cash. Having invested so recklessly for so many years their balance sheets are a mess and they are under intense pressure from shareholders to shore up their financial foundations.

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alistair darling.JPG

The Budget: what it means for farmers

This week’s Budget has been almost universally condemned by the mainstream media. The Telegraph described the increase in top-rate tax to 50% as “a return to class war”, while The Guardian spoke of “Labour’s last gasp”.

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tesco 1.jpg

Tesco profits prompt abuse and admiration

So Tesco has posted another set of record profits – prompting admiration and abuse in just about equal measure. A quick skim through the FWi forums reveals this split reaction.

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Budget 2009

Today’s (22 April) Budget by Chancellor Alistair Darling is likely to set out a number of measures to help boost the struggling economy. But, aside from any big announcements that affect everyone – such as changes to income tax, VAT, or the like – what will be the main decisions affecting farmers? We’ll be keeping […]

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grain in hand.JPG

Grain markets feel the pressure of ample supply

There’s never any shortage of data when it comes to the grain trade. Among the more recent to cross my desk are the monthly production forecasts from French analysts Strategie Grains, latest stock predictions from the USDA and new export data from EU and UK sources.

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Alarm bells ringing, despite buoyant meat prices

Talk about information overload. It may be almost a week ago, but the EBLEX/BPEX Outlook 2009 conference in London has still got my brain spinning!

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Wafer thin margins a “way of life” for sheep producers

Who’d be a sheep farmer? Quite apart from the hard graft and having to deal with the most stupid animal in the farmyard, the lack of sustainable profit must be soul destroying.

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“Crazy” South Koreans take retirement plunge

The South Koreans have a reputation for being slightly barking. Don’t believe me? Then check out the picture below from the 2005 WTO ministerial in Hong Kong.

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