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Archive | May, 2009

South: Crops have woken up

As predicted, once crops woke up they raced through theirdevelopment. First awns were showing on some winter barley crops bythe third week of April and well-established Soissons – yes, westill grow loads in the south of England – had its flag leafshowing at the same time. Fortunately, we are not chasing disease, but what was […]

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South: Winter wheat ear-wash is a winner

Most Favourite Recommendation of the Year Award goes to theear-wash on winter wheat, which, hopefully, puts the crop to bedand means the end of the silly season is in sight. Mine will be a 60-75% triazole dose plus 50% strobilurin. Somewill be late-flag/early-ear combined and some of my later wheatswill have had only two applications […]

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North: Rain proves wishes can come true

Our wishes have come true in that rain has rescuedcrops. We’re now getting warmer weather and markets have improved,but we can never be fully happy. Wind means spray days have beenfew and far between. Winter wheat has been developing steadily and we have a lot offlag leaves emerging. Many growers have not long since appliedtheir […]

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South: Weevils prove persistent

Early-drilled winter wheat is now at boot swollen. Mildew isconfined to wheat stems and remains low risk. Yellow rust could befound earlier on Robigus where fungicide timings were extended, butis now back under control. Brown rust hasn’t been seen so far this season, but a change towarmer weather could see it become a high risk. […]

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North: Check crops for clubroot problems

We have a huge range of field-by-field potential,especially in autumn-sown crops. As everyone knows, this is linkedto wet soils during the 2008 harvest. Tyre technology for tractors and trailers has come on leaps andbounds in the past few years and they can, of course, be restrictedto headlands. But combines caused much of the compactionproblem. Their […]

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North: Winter wheats see improvement thanks to the rain

Winter wheats have improved after finally receiving somerain, which has allowed nitrogen to be washed in. Flag leaves are emerging on the earlier crops and will soon beready to receive the T2 fungicide, which will be based on atriazole plus chlorothalonil mix. The addition of a goodstrobilurin will certainly be required on rust-susceptiblevarieties. With several […]

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South: Warm weather makes for rapid growth

The recent warm weather and some rain has enabled the crops tomake rapid growth. Those that were seven days behind earlier in the season are nowat the same growth stage as they were last year. Winter barley is at GS 49, awns just visible, and will besprayed, weather permitting, this week with Jaunt (prothioconazole+ trifloxystrobin […]

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North: ‘Fungicides are running short’

Crops remain slow to develop and disease is noticeableby its absence, but recent rains have spurred farmers on to applyT1 wheat fungicide sprays. Yield potential across the acreage isn’t looking great -”average” would be my favoured expression. Despite the best advice to use Atlantis (iodosulfuron+ mesosulfuron) last autumn, nature conspired to ensure thevast majority has been […]

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