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Archive | February, 2011

Timing a roast chicken…

According to a story in The Telegraph a millionaire who allegedly hid much of his £500m fortune via offshore companies and trusts has been exposed after he sacked his butler for serving a roast chicken too early. Take the wealth of inside knowledge a butler posses about a family and add anger over being sacked […]

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Chicken or Egg? The iPhone solves all…

While it might be stretching the friendship to say the iPhone has solved the age old riddle of which came first, chicken or the egg, it has answered another question, which comes last. A new game debuts on everyone’s favourite ubiquitous glowing square box today with the launch of  Egg Vs. Chicken. In the game […]

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Colony eggs…of a sort

The Rock of Gibraltar and six British eggs. UK producers might fear the influx of European eggs come the 2012 cage-ban but there’s one corner of Europe where British is definitely still best. 1,400 miles from the UK on the shelves of Morrisons in Gibraltar the only eggs you can buy are, you guessed it, […]

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The 24 hour (roast)chicken channel

Ever perched in-front of the oven and just watched your chook roast away? I know I have, and it was a mouth watering experience. So for those slightly odd roast bird lovers in the audience a Canadian restaurant has a channel for you, 24 hour roasts. All day, every day. Really it’s not live roasting […]

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What’s coming down the road?

This video is truly terrifying. What are these geese so scared of? Or are they migrating but they just haven’t worked out how to fly…

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A chicken war in NYC

In NYC it’s KFC vs KFC! That’s the well known Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Afghan newcomer Kennedy Fried Chicken. According the the New York Times the Afghan Kennedy Fried Chicken is right across the city and is their version of our ‘Chicken Spot’ shops. Different owners but the same fried chicken. But one Afghan […]

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Magic? Or a welfare issue…

I’m not quite sure what is making this chicken’s head and neck do this but I’m pretty sure it’s not good.Watch and be perplexed.

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Happy Valentines day

Every chicken fancier’s dream valentine….

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Are these chooks gay?

I spotted these three chaps in a car park in Cornwall last week and was struck by their decidedly odd behaviour.

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A chicken forklift…

But how do the chickens turn the wheel? They don’t have thumbs! Seriously though, after attending the launch of their poultry forklift last week the team at CombiLift(Yes, that is how they spell their name) have sent over a ripper set of models of their kit. The Keyo press kit and the BEIC egg thingamajig […]

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