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MORE wild chickens cause backyard havoc

Last time it was Arizona, this time it’s a village in Lancashire. Gangs of wild chickens have been running amok doing what chickens do, digging up gardens, foraging for food, crowing throughout the day and making little chickens. Another Daily Mail special describes a gang of 50 marauding birds as ‘the neighbours from hell’ dubbing […]

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SHOCK! A transgender chicken

With a headline like that, this story can only come from one source…The Daily Mail. A chicken in Needingworth, Cambridgeshire has changed sex from a clucking hen to a crowing cockerel. Apparently it can happen to one in 10,000 hens. This is not the first case I’ve heard of this but considering the millions of […]

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An easter egg hunt…on a battleship

There’s the right way to do things, the wrong way to do things and then there’s the American way to do things. I think an Easter egg hunt on a retired battleship has to qualify for the latter, even if it wasn’t being undertaken in North Carolina. The host vessel is the retired WWII battleship […]

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Gunter has pulled

Gunter has pulled……

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Où est Gunter? Gunter est en vacances…

Where is Gunter? Gunter is on vacation. Who is Gunter you may ask? Look to the top right, yep that’s Gunter, the Feathered Forager’s mascot. This week Gunter will be a little bit closer to his homeland of southern Germany as he relaxes in Switzerland. Gunter is travelling as the guest of PW’s Editor Philip […]

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Every child’s dream present…An EGG!

Nurse Eggwhite…did not appear in Carry on Doctor. This is the little gem Farmers Weekly’s deputy news editor Caroline Stocks found whilst browsing Hamleys toy store in London recently.  Like a Mr Potato Head, except without the potato, these odd little toys come in a range from Captain Hardboiled (a pirate of course), to Eggbot, […]

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Remember Chuckie Egg? Because I certainly don’t…

Removed ‘So’ in the first sentence and changed ‘would’ to ‘world’.

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My butcher, my brother. The £32 free-range bird…

I’m sick of this outrageous slander! My poor local butcher, M Moen & Sons, in Clapham has the Daily Mail clucking its nose at the £32 price tag of his feed-range 120 day reared bird. But never fear, The Daily Telegraph has sprung to the 4kg monster bird’s defence demonstrating it delivers excellent taste and […]

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A headless ceramic goose at Tottenham Court Road

The headline is cryptic, but literal, and I’m sorry I’ve got no answers here. This poor little fella was spotted on the platform at Tottenham Court Road last Wednesday shortly before the last train south called. Where was he from? Where was he going? Why is he headless? If you know anything about how or […]

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For the lady with everything…a chic pendant.

 At the bargain price of £4.99 this charming pendant is just the thing for the lady in your life…that’s if she likes chickens. Available from the ever fantastic

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