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Easter egg scoffing…for charity

When punters from one pub in Hartlepool fall FOWL on the high seas they won’t CRACK up because they know there will be a GRADE A rescue service on hand after their EGG-cellent fundraising*.The Cosmopolitan, on Hartlepool’s headland, will be running a boiled egg eating competition on Easter Sunday to raise money for the local […]

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Blow-up birds

Days after the strangely lifelike helium filled chickens appeared in the FF office, they are still quite chirpy.The birds have an odd way of moving around the office all by themselves which is frankly quite creepy. And if you’re wondering why we have such a strange decoration in the office well we have an excuse. […]

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Chicken sunglasses?

So for a change here’s a strange story out of The Metro about a charity worker who found, get this, chicken sunglasses on an allotment she was working on.  According to the website of The National Band and Tag company from Newport, Kentucky the glasses were manufactured from the 1930s onwards to reduce feather pecking. […]

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Gunter’s travels – the story continues

Last month the Alps, this month Gunter goes to Brussels.. Where to next? Surely not America….

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The Friday animal ‘awwwwwwh’ factor…

There are no words… Okay so there are words. This little ducking, according the The Telegraph, had strayed from his brothers and sisters following his Mum and was scooped up by this gorilla at the Bristol Zoo. But despite the difference in size and strength this story does end happily. The duckling eventually made a break […]

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DSM ups the ante in the press kit stakes…

This week at DSM Nutritional Products “Bright and Sustainable Poultry Production” seminar attendees and journalist received a goody bag at the end.  But this is no ordinary press or participant kit.  A normal press kit you might say, memory stick, novelty torch but what’s in that box?   Oh but of course! It’s a car shaped […]

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Smashing eggs

Who says England isn’t an egg adoring country?  Well not the FF for one, but it seems Brits agree, with a poll run by The Sun and Enjoy England voting “The World Egg Throwing Championship” as England’s quirkiest event. How does that mean that eggs are loved? Well anyone that loads eggs into a medieval […]

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