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A familiar face…

Poultry World editor Phil Clarke is not one to forget a face and despite being distracted by the award winning silkie featured (see picture) he proved his keen eye identifying that Miss August in the The Poultry Club of Great Britain’s 2012 Fancy Chicks has appeared in PW before. Miss August is actually Louise Hidden […]

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Up to your ears in Oeuf

During the recent SPACE 2011 Livestock Conference in France I did my usual trick of heading into town and having a look the eggs on the shelves of the local supermarket. As usual it’s a many and varied experience with different artwork, box sizes, production standards, GM requirements etc. So here is a snapshot of […]

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Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?

A poultry Starsky and Hutch break up a rabbit on rabbit fight. I think London could have used these birds during the riots.

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Big Clucker

As the faded glory that is Big Brother plays itself out on our screens again I couldn’t help but notice the housemates latest antics are poultry related.  This week housemates are being forced to live in a coop for a week, dressed in a chicken costume, consuming only ‘chicken feed’ (read ‘sweet popcorn’) and even […]

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SPACE 2011

Well the FF made it to France safe and sound for the 2011 SPACE well safe apart from the dazed look I give anyone when they speak at me in French. I know I should have joined those weird kids and done French for all of high school. But sadly Gunter did have some trouble […]

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Ho, the Godzilla of chickens

Ho chicken is a rare breed in Vietnam, according to the Vietnam National Institute of Husbandry one of the 20 rarest, and has all the appearance of a lumbering giant, a Godzilla of birds if you will. Thanks to The Thanh Nien DailyThe birds are very particular and it’s a demanding business raising them, with […]

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Bird dawg: When gun dogs fall for fowl

My ever helpful and comrade over at Farmers Weekly, Tim Relf, has quite helpfully forwarded The Forager this great picture from an FW reader. It shows Nudge, Greg Bull’s 12 week old Labrador puppy, kipping down with his and his fiancée Emma Shaw’s chickens on the Leconfield Estate in West Sussex. Now Emma and Greg […]

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Rare Chicken Rescue

Poultry breeder Mark Tully with a Buff Cochin Chicken on his farm. Picture Jo Erskine. © Film Australia.This Friday Channel 4 is airing a ripper of a little documentary about Australian poultry fancier Mark Tully, who overcame depression by looking after rare breed chickens on his family farm in sub-tropical southern Queensland. Mark travels across […]

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Free your phone, free a hen….

Continuing the recurring theme of “weird sh*t” that we uncover on the Feathered Forager, this latest morsel from

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