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Origami hens send powerful message to Spain

It may be press day at Poultry World, but that’s no excuse for neglecting other responsibilities.

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Ducks stop traffic

A farmer caused traffic chaos in a Chinese town when he attempted to herd 5,000 ducks to a nearby pond.Traffic ground to a halt as he and his farm hands drove the horde 1km across the city of Taizhou, Zhejiang, in search of food and pedestrians and vehicles were forced to weave in and out […]

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Water off a hen’s back

This clucky lady looks like she’s in training for Olympic Gold. While she may not be fast enough to beat Rebecca Adlington in the 100m Gold we’d give her a first for effort – it’s the first hen we’ve ever seen be courageous enough to brave the water. The hen was spotted taking at dip […]

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Confused Chicken

It would seem that it’s not just humans that suffer from gender dysphoria – chickens do too. Helga, a Vorwerk from Cheshire, is going through some rather strange changes.   Its owner, Lindsey Jones, bought Helga as a pullet over 12 months ago. The bird laid two soft eggs three months ago and has stopped […]

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Perseverence pays off for passionate pigeons

The Feathered Forager has been literally inundated with calls from concerned readers wanting to know the fate of the pigeons perched on my bathroom window ledge last month

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