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Top Form

I have finished my SFP form (light the touch paper on the fireworks, last call to the orchestra to play Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance). The figures all add up and have been reconciled with the people in the RPA dungeons (they were all lovely and helpful this year).  Providing I don’t get a paper cut on my tongue as […]

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Sneek Prevoo

“Oi, what are you doing?  Get back to your forms” I’m just having a little break from numbers and ringing Geordies at the RPA office, OK?  Besides, I’ve nearly cracked it now.  I’ve already had to ring the Toon Army 5 times though. It seems that you got a bit of a scoop re the […]

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Jolly Bad Form

Our bank manager has cancelled an appointment this morning (he’s busy jumping out of a tower block or something) so I’ve got a spare hour and a half this morning.  Woo hoo, it’s Friday (punches air and eats a Crunchie) Still loads to do.  I’ve had a v. productive hour at my desk already.  Daffodil sales […]

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Will He, Won’t He?

Here is a news story (nicked from the new look Catchat.  Check it out - Relfster is listing somewhat on the masthead)  The story is about a chap called David Thorner who worked unpaid for 25 years on a farm on the understanding that he would one day inherit it.  You’re a step ahead of me here.  […]

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Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be?

Now this cheered me up.  It’s a “happy slap incident” of Jeremy Clarkson getting trapped in a portaloo.  He was in for for quite a long while for just a wee.

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Different Breed

Most of the people who harvest our flowers come from Eastern Europe.  They are brilliant.  Reliable, great work ethic and very straight forward although conversation skills limited in some cases. When you are speaking with people in their second (or third) tongue the language just doesn’t flow as freely as it might.  This renders our very English habit of making tiny […]

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It’s True What They Say About Men With Small Feet

I’ve got new boots on today.  

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Reverending Story, no Vicarish Allsorts

Busy day, thirty pallets of flowers, four cups of coffee, two vicars and one packet of plain chocolate biscuits. We always provide flowers for our local vicar, a lovely lady called Rosamund, to hand out at Moulton All Saints on Mothering Sunday.  We also have another random vicar from Leeds who calls. You know me, I love a visitor particularly […]

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Mothering Sunday Ahoy

The week before Mothering Sunday is the Big One in the flower calendar.  Today we have been busy packing and preparing to dispatch flowers to all corners of the country. I actually remembered to pick up my camera today (and unlike me it had charged batteries)  so I took a couple of shots.  They say a picture […]

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Cake the High Road

My Saturday night has already been recorded more poetically (and with more lavish illustration) on a better blog elsewhere but I promised to tell you about it and I jolly well will. We were driving from Stamford to a cocktail party in Primrose Hill with my friend Katie, a rather remarkable confectioner, nursing on her lap an elaborate cake she […]

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