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Autumn bang for trade at Bakewell Market

The autumn rush arrived with a bang at Bakewell Market with 860 cattle and 3,118 sheep on offer.


The busiest department was the store cattle with no fewer than 535 forward.  A tremendous variation in size, age and type were forward, but there were customers for all and the trade held up right to the end with the top priced steer at £1,300 being sold within striking distance of the finish, report auctioneers.


OTM cattle were out in force with 126 on offer, but a respectable trade was still realised with a top of 168p/kg for a grand Limousin cow from Messrs Shann, Sheen. Top price a head was £1,410.


109 finished cattle on offer and looking well sold and reaching 238p and £1,497 a head.


A decent show of 90 calves saw bulls sell to £352 and heifers £272.


The sheep department was much busier than of late with a total of 2,139 lambs forward.  Trade still steady with the best to 184p and averages well below the equivalent figures 12 months ago.

Another huge entry of 979 cull sheep saw the best looking well sold with ewes to £134 and the average a shade up on the week at £65.36.

Sarah Alderton

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