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Market trends and prices analysis from the major commercial and pedigree sheep and cattle livestock rings, including Kelso tup sales, Stirling bull sales and the Thame Sheep fair. Keep abreast of the trade in cull ewes, barren cows, dairy cows, prime beef and lamb and store lamb and cattle.



Autumn store sales hit by beef crash

Early suckled calf and store cattle sales is feeling the pinch this autumn as finished cattle trades at £150-£200 less than a year ago. Many centres have seen calf trade…


Prime lamb market starts year on positive note

A cautious prime lamb market has seen prices track upwards into 2019 to start the year on a positive note. Stronger trade is being helped by tightening supply, according to…


Livestock markets 2018: A year of extremes

No year in recent memory comes close to 2018 in terms of the weather’s effect on British livestock production. A long winter depleted hay and silage stocks, which was then…


Hereford records broken at Designer Genes Sale

Shrewsbury market hosted the third Designer Genes Sale of Hereford genetics over the weekend (7-8 December), with breed bull, female, semen and embryo records broken. Bull trade only consisted of…

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Buoyant cast sheep trade hits market top

Strong cast ewe prices have met resistance from buyers, leading auctioneers to fear that trade has hit a ceiling. Prices are £20 or more up on the year for cull…


Barren trade gives hope for better beef market

Barren suckler cow prices have stepped up a gear in the new year, giving confidence to beef producers. Auction marts have reported trade returning to levels 12-20p/kg dearer on the…


Sheepmeat trade takes off amid tight global picture

Lamb prices have climbed since Christmas to start the week at 211.3p/kg (6 January). Great Britain’s standard quality quotation (SQQ) is 30p/kg higher than early November and up 50p/kg on…


Brexit still looms over livestock sector prices

Lacklustre beef demand, lamb prices fluctuations and liquid milk market challenges resulted in tumultuous markets in 2019. Livestock trading continued amid uncertainty as farmers waited for clarity on Brexit and…

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Video: Stirling bull sales brings more records

Over 8,000 visitors flocked to Stirling to see this year’s Stirling bull sales where records were set and elite genetics once again found new commercial and pedigree homes. Several new…


Video: All the action at UK Dairy Day

The UK Dairy Day was busier than ever this year. The event, held at Telford International Centre on Wednesday 13 September, attracted 8,422 visitors. And with 310 trade stands, 83 cattle…

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