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Just say No

Right, that’s it: the fightback starts today. I’m determined to have less of these…

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The countdown culminates

And the winner is: The Full Monty.

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The countdown continues (a bit more)

And, in reverse order, from four to two…. 4 Happy Days. 3 In praise of pooches. 2 Rubbish – it’s cats any day.

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The countdown continues

More of the stories I’ve enjoyed writing about in 2007. 7 Hanging on the line. 6 Tea anyone? 5 Aga Saga.

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The countdown begins

It’s only natural at this time to reflect on the year that’s just passed. I’ve loved writing this blog – it’s been a great way of keeping abreast of all the countryside’s quirky news, so over the next four days I’ll be remembering the 10 stories that I’ve enjoyed covering the most in 2007. The […]

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Don’t leave me

I’ve got a bit of a conundrum. I’ve been promising myself a break from the computer because I spend far too much time staring at the screen. I’ve been telling myself I’d have a break over Christmas and try to avoid turning the computer on once. But then what about this blog?

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It’s Friesian at Christmas!

I’m rubbish – most of the Christmas cards I send end up arriving late. So here’s one that won’t, seeing as it’s still only December 21. This one’s from me to you.

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Deal or no deal?

Dairy farmer Clive Keam is about to become a tv star. The 63-year-old from Cornwall will appear on January 4 on the hit C4 afternoon show Deal or No Deal, which gives contestants a shot at winning £250,000. “I loved it – it was the most wonderful thing I’ve ever done,” Clive told me yesterday […]

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Advanced Transport Phenomena

You know I’ve said I get sent a lot of books to review. Well some are fantastic (like this one), some are pretty good (like these two) and some are positively bizarre – like the one that arrived today, Advanced Transport Phenomena – Fluid Mechanics and Convective Transport Processes. I can only assume they sent […]

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Yorkshire Young Farmers show their heart

Rural youngsters in Yorkshire will soon be getting lessons on how to keep their hearts healthy, thanks to the efforts of Yorkshire Federation of Young Farmers Clubs. The YFYFC has been awarded more than £5,000 from the national charity, Heart Research UK, to run an innovative project called ‘Hearts of the Countryside’.

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