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Cannabis den found hidden under farmer’s field

Imagine discovering a trap door in your field leading to a secret underground bunker, where a drugs gang was cultivating £130,000 worth of illegal cannabis plants.It reads like a movie script, but it was real life for one farmer from Shipham, Somerset.The full story is on the Daily Mail website, obviously:

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PICTURE: Sheep with a head for heights

Oh, the grand old Duke of Dinmore,He had ten thousand sheep;He marched them up to the top of the hay bale hill,And he marched them down againThanks to Rob Tanaluk who captured this snap near Dinmore Manor, Herefordshire while he was out and about delivering animal feeds for Maelor Feeds.The sheep seem remarkably calm - I’ve got vertigo […]

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Ewe’ve had a good innings

My favourite story on the BBC website today, is a report that one of the world’s oldest recorded sheep has died after falling off a cliff.Rather an undignified end, but what a good innings. The blackface ewe from Lewis in the Outer Hebrides was weaing an ear tag which put its age at 25 years and 11 months.Apparently […]

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Cows in Coldplay parody

Hats off to the Nottingham agrics who created this farming inspired parody of the Coldplay hit ‘Paradise’.The official video by Coldplay features an elephant who escapes from the zoo to go and meet its mates. A group of cunning Nottingham agrics decided to replace the elephant with a cow to promote Nottingham Uni as a […]

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Butchering the English language

Roll up, roll up, get your peasants at a knock-down price. When they’re gone they’re gone…

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Mini milk

Apparently this is Britain’s tiniest calf, weighing in at a very delicate 33lbs. Apparently she’s even smaller than one of the farm dogs.The full story is (where else) on the Daily Mail website.

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bird man.JPG

Sparrowhawk court capture

Police gave their assistance to a court escape with a difference last week – after a bird of prey became trapped inside a legal building. The sparrowhawk had flown inside Blackburn Magistrates Court in pursuit of a pigeon but became disorientated and could not get back out. Lancashire Constabulary’s wildlife officer Mark Thomas was called […]

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Sheep6 Suffolk.JPG

Royal Mail release sheep stamps

Hundreds of sheep are going to be squeezing through letterboxes and thudding onto doormats in British households next week. No, it’s not some sort of elaborate ‘adopt-a-sheep’ scheme – it’s a new set of stamps released by the Royal Mail. Illustrations of six British sheep breeds are gracing a new series of stamps which go on sale […]

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Andrea Adams.JPG

Ambassador, with these potatoes you are really spoiling us…

As job titles go, ‘Potato Ambassador’ is pretty cool. Looks a bit fancier on the CV than ‘farmer’ anyway.The job description was dreamt up by the Potato Council, who are searching for a crack team of growers across England and Wales to help promote potatoes to British consumers.After a rigorous selection process and some media training, the new crop of Potato Ambassadors will be invited […]

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Big eggs in the big city

I often think eggs are the unsung heroes of the kitchen. They might not look as exotic as a tiger prawn, have the irrestistable smell of freshly baked bread, nor the instant gratification of a chocolate bar, but for sheer versatility they deserve a cookery knighthood.They bind cakes, batters and burgers (remember that when youre […]

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