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Archive | February, 2011


To take advantage of higher grain prices, using the most appropriate cereal fungicides to deliver the highest yields will be key this season. Apply the latest research and thinking to plan what you do when in relation to disease pressure, available chemistry and varietal susceptibilities. This Masterclass initiative is intended to integrate agronomic advice and […]

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Vaccinationwith a pre-turnout course of Bovilis Huskvac is the most reliable way ofensuring the development of immunity to lungworm. Bovilis Huskvac is a live vaccine, made from irradiated larvae, which areincapable of causing disease. For dairy calves, vaccination should be completedat least two weeks before the calves are turned out to grass, and for suckledcalves […]

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Leptavoid-H, the only vaccine proven to protect against both strains of leptospirosis found in the UK, has been shown to reduce the shedding of Leptospira interrogans serovar hardjo in urine and it is also licensed to improve herd fertility when Leptospira hardjo is the cause of infertility. Bovilis BVD, Europe’s leading vaccine against BVD, is […]

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