Dairy cows grazing in field© Tim Scrivener

Levy board DairyCo is offering funded consultancy for farmers struggling to cope with low milk prices.

Dairy farmers from England, Scotland and Wales could qualify for a half-day visit by a consultant to their farm, as well as follow-up reports and recommendations.

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Farmers can get help if they face a sudden drop in their business income and they are:

  • at risk of not being able to pay bills
  • or about to reach their borrowing limit
  • or don’t have cashflow or budgeting so do not know position

The support will involve drawing up a cashflow forecast and working out what can be done to ease some of the cash demands on the business.

After contacting DairyCo, farmers will be given a list of consultants working nearby from which they can choose.

Those interested should contact Barbara Dunn on 02476 478 684.