The weather and prices are guaranteed to provide a talking point. Here’s a selection of what Farmers Weekly magazine’s arable Farmer Focus writers had to say in 2006…

“Talk of the town last week here centred around a devastating hail storm which tracked the Plains, missing us by 20km.” Bill Davey (24 February)

“With a hosepipe ban in the Thames Valley, we are now looking beyond the Met Office for weather pattern predictions.” David Greasby (7 April)

“With no appreciable rain forecast for the next two months, I am mindful of the cost of artificially establishing these crops.” Bill Davey (21 April)

“Hundreds of acres of winter green feed, especially taller crops such as oats and kale, were simply ruined by the weight of snow.” Bill Davey (11 August)

cartoon confusedPrices
“With commodity traders buying now, I think the price can only increase.” James Stafford (27 October)

“I get a lot out of these BASIS courses and remain convinced that the time taken in study is an essential investment in my business.” Steve Bumstead (14 April)

“I’m aiming to buy have set myself the aim this spring of buying all chemicals cheaper than last year. That is easier said then done.” Mark Ireland (21 April)

See Farmers Weekly magazine (22 Dec) for a selection of other quotes.