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Find out how extreme weather conditions from drought to flooding affect farmers across the UK and globally. Whether it’s due to climate change or seasonal weather, get advice on how to plan for the effect on your farm business, how to check insurance, and to get help during forage shortages.

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Dry April heightens drought fears for farmers

A dry April has raised concerns the UK could be headed for a drought and left farmers desperate for rain to soak parched crops and grassland. April has been notably…


Welsh farmers demand government dredges flood-prone river

Farmers in a flood-prone valley are increasing pressure on Natural Resources Wales (NRW) to find money to dredge a waterway of silt, because they say they can no longer use…


Major farming business hit by £34,000 pollution fine

One of the UK’s largest farming businesses has been ordered to pay more than £34,000 after it polluted a water course leading into a major river. Velcourt, which manages more…


Safety warnings issued as spring work hits peak

Farm leaders and safety organisations have urged farmers to build safe practices into their routines as the spring fieldwork season gathers momentum. Slurry spreading, field preparations, drilling and silaging are…

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