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Find out how extreme weather conditions from drought to flooding affect farmers across the UK and globally. Whether it’s due to climate change or seasonal weather, get advice on how to plan for the effect on your farm business, how to check insurance, and to get help during forage shortages.

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New handheld weather monitor to improve spraying decisions

Kestrel’s new portable weather meter could give sprayer operators a better insight into conditions prior to and during applications. The handheld 3550AG has sensors to record wind speed and direction,…


Research reveals clue to breeding temperature-resilient stock

Pinpointing genes relating to variations in milk production could help breed animals resilient to warming conditions, new research has shown. Scientists from Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), the Roslin Institute and…


Cold snap poses threat to newborn lambs

Young lambs in Scotland, North Wales and northern England are at risk of hypothermia next week when biting winds sweeping in from the Russian Arctic will plunge temperatures as low…


Cattle heat stress ‘more likely’ in future UK climate

Heat stress in cattle is likely to become a much bigger factor on UK beef and dairy farms due to a warming climate, according to the Met Office. The national…

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