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Find out how extreme weather conditions from drought to flooding affect farmers across the UK and globally. Whether it’s due to climate change or seasonal weather, get advice on how to plan for the effect on your farm business, how to check insurance, and to get help during forage shortages.

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Mixed fortunes for farmers as meteorological spring ends

As the Met Office distances itself from reports that the UK is heading into 50 days of rain, farmers across the UK are reporting mixed fortunes as meteorological spring comes…


Wet weather forces complex cropping decisions for agronomist

Challenging times from erratic weather and wet conditions have forced difficult decisions around direct-drilled crops this year for Agrii agronomist Todd Jex. The past seven months have been a rollercoaster…


Defra secretary promises more help for flood-hit farmers

Further help for farmers hit by incessant wet weather and flooding this winter and spring is on the way, with derogations planned for environmental schemes, and an extension of the…


UK farmers 'on the brink' amid financial and mental pressures

British farmers are “on the brink” of quitting the industry following months of wet weather and low profits, farming groups have warned. Prolonged wet weather, squeezed margins and falling farm…

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