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Find out how extreme weather conditions from drought to flooding affect farmers across the UK and globally. Whether it’s due to climate change or seasonal weather, get advice on how to plan for the effect on your farm business, how to check insurance, and to get help during forage shortages.

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Scottish wind farm developments will impact on food production

Proposals to double the number of wind turbines in Scotland have reignited debates over the environmental impact of renewable energy and non-food uses for farmland.  The Scottish government aims to…


Scots growers benefit from one of the hottest summers ever

Farmers in Scotland and Northern Ireland have experienced one of the hottest summers on record, according to Met Office data. Statistics show that Northern Ireland saw a record peak of…


Safety warnings issued as temperatures soar

The NFU has urged workers to cut the risks of exposure to the sun as the Met Office issued its first ever extreme heat warning. Forecasts suggested temperatures could hit…


Mock 2050 weather forecast highlights climate challenge

The National Farmers Union (NFU) has filmed a future weather forecast to highlight the need for farmers to have their fair share of water for efficient crop and livestock production.…

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