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Find out how extreme weather conditions from drought to flooding affect farmers across the UK and globally. Whether it’s due to climate change or seasonal bad weather, get advice on how to plan for the effect on your farm business, how to check insurance, and to get help during forage shortages.

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Guide to soil moisture sensors: Why use them and the options

There are many good reasons for growers to use some form of soil moisture-sensing technology to monitor conditions and how the water is being used in irrigated crops. First and…


Low-input cropping slashes costs and risk for tenant farmer

After years of struggling to make his conventional arable rotation pay, a tenant farmer has begun trialling a system that rewards him for environmental gains rather than bumper yields. John…


How moisture-seeking drilling kit helps drought-hit Aussies

A new drilling outfit developed in Australia is using clever moisture-sensing tines to automatically alter sowing depth according to soil conditions. Moisture Planting Technologies (MPT), based in New South Wales,…


How can farmers improve feed security amid climate change?

Climate change means UK farmers are experiencing more extreme weather conditions which can make growing crops far harder. What lessons can be learned from other countries to help improve feed…

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