NFU PRESIDENT Tim Bennett has said he will name and shame those who justify milk price cuts on false grounds.

“I am angry with the antics of the trade in recent weeks. It is childish behaviour, it is pathetic, and it has to stop,” Mr Bennett said, referring to retailers and dairy companies blaming each other to justify their own price cuts.

“I can‘t express my anger too strongly. It is easy to find out who is not telling the truth, and we are going to start exposing people who justify price cuts on false grounds.

“We have to stop this stupid game among milk buyers of blaming everyone else,” Mr Bennett stated at an NFU presidential briefing this week (w/e Dec 10).

He also called for positive signals to farmers from beef and sheep buyers.

“There is a strong need for long-term contracts in these sectors, particularly when it comes to beef. Waitrose and Marks & Spencer have some good long-term arrangements.

“But I‘ve been disappointed about the general short-term attitude of retailers and processors.

“They just assume that farmers will continue to produce,” Mr Bennett said, adding that with CAP reform kicking in next year that will not necessarily be the case.