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Ringside at St Boswells Livestock Centre

St Boswells Livestock Centre, Roxburghshire, Scotland

The Christmas poultry sale on Tuesday (18 December) saw 310 turkeys, chickens and ducks go under the hammer. Oven-ready turkeys made up to £62 apiece, with rough-plucked chickens up to £16 and ducks peaking at £12 a head.

At the previous day’s sale 2,539 lambs averaged 147.3p/kg and sold to £80, or 189.7p/kg. The 760 ewes sold to £105, with tups up to £113 a head. In the cattle section, prime bullocks averaged 211.8p/kg and sold to 234p, with heifers settling at 211.2p/kg and peaking at 238p. Young bulls reached 212p/kg, and averaged 201.2p/kg. Beef-bred, over 30-month cattle averaged 130.5p/kg and sold to 195p – a rise of 3.1p on the week.

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Ringside at St Boswells Livestock Centre

Ringside at: St Boswells Livestock Centre, Roxburghshire.

A larger entry of 1,463 spring lambs, 656 ewes and 111 clean cattle met a tremendous trade at Monday’s (9 July) sale. Lambs sold to a top price of 230p/kg, with the average up 2.2p on the week, to 188.3p/kg. Those falling in the 38-41kg bracket levelled at 190p/kg. Ewes went to £115 for a Texel cross, and averaged £76.26, while rams sold to £139/head.

Trade in clean cattle was slightly down, with bullocks averaging 202.4p/kg – a 3.6p decrease on the week. Heifers prices dropped by 5.2p to average 200p/kg, while young bulls saw no change at 178p/kg. Top price for the day was £1,586.50, with bulls reaching £1,712.

Over-30-month beef-type cattle averaged 145.3p/kg, unchanged on the week.

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