FWi readers have been sharing their snow pictures.

Between battling with weekend’s winter weather, they’ve been grabbing a few pictures on phones and cameras to share with other readers.

If you’re experiencing the big chill – and happen to have a spare moment – why not snap a shot of your own.
You can:

  • tree in snow
    Woodside Farm, Bradford, HQ of @TheWoolRoom
  • Snowman and snowwoman
    Snowman and snowwoman,from Rachel Hoskins
  • View from the cab
    View from the cab, from Saskia Mayhew
  • Clearing snow with tractor
    Clearing snow, from Sue Morgan
  • Tractors in snow
    Elveden Farms in Suffolk, from Duncan Fleming
  • Sheep in snow
    Sheep in Sussex, from Liz Andreozzi
  • Gloucester Old Spots in snow
    Gloucester Old Spots, from Liz Andreozzi
  • Snowman reading FW
    Snowman reading in Dorset, from Claire Hobbs
  • Man in snow
    Fun in Russia, taken by ‘redfarmer’
  • Auctioneer Bill Pepper clearing lot numbers
    Auctioneer Bill Pepper clearing lot numbers in Cambridgeshire
  • Herefordshire borders view
    Herefordshire borders by @WhiteHaywood
  • View from tractor cab
    View from tractor by @FarmerJamesPA
  • Sheep in snowy field
    North Yorkshire by @GoateeJoe
  • A snowy North Yorks Moors scene with tup
    A snowy North Yorks Moors by Peter Mawson
  • Red Ruby Devon cattle in the snow
    Red Ruby Devon cattle in Starstonby by @TheBeefSmithUK
  • Tractors in the snow
    Cheffins’ monthly machinery sale in Cambridgeshire