And the remainder of the bull classes;

Class 11: Bulls born between 14/06/10 and 22/06/10

1st: Mr and Mrs Stephen Irvine’s Anside Fusion (Lot 218)
2nd: M T Jones’ Bailea Black FBI (Lot 214)
3rd: Cruickshank Normande Limousin’s Woodview Figro (Lot 215)

Class 12: Bulls born between 23/06/10 and 03/07/10
1st: Messrs John Logan’s Homebyres Felboy (Lot 227)
2nd: Ashley McInnes’ Greenwell Friar (Lot 232)
3rd essrs Ridley Haltcliffe Fortknox (Lot 234)

Class 13: Bulls born between 04/07/10 and 18/07/10
1st: Mr and Mrs Stephen Irvine’s Anside Flint(Lot 246)
2nd: J and I Handley’s Gunnerfleet Felix (Lot 249)
3rd: J W Smith Jackson’s Hightown Fernando (Lot 242)

Class 14: Bulls born between 19/07/10 and 21/08/10
1st: Messrs McKay’s Ampertaine Fireball (Lot 261)
2nd: A and J Gammie’s Westpit Fendt (Lot 268)
3rd Breconside Farming Partnership’s Breconside Fabio (Lot 257)

Class 15: Bulls born between 22/08/10 and 07/09/10
1st: Messrs McKay’s Ampertaine Foreman (Lot 274)
2nd: E W Quick’s Loosebeare Filip (Lot 270)
3rd A and W Watson’s Saunders Favori (Lot 277)

Class 16: Bulls born between 08/09/10 and 30/09/10
1st: G P Vaughan and Son’s Dolcorsllwyn Fabio (Lot 287)
2nd: Messrs McKay’s Ampertaine Fieldmarshall (Lot 285)
3rd: E W Quick’s Loosebeare Ford(Lot 292)

Class 17: Bulls born between 01/10/10 and 09/12/10 
1st: Francis McAuley’s Camorn Firstclass(Lot 301)
2nd: J C G Bloom and Son’s Scorboro Fabian (Lot 297)
3rd: J W and M C Fieldson’s Fieldson Fraiser (Lot 302)