The next two classes of heifers have now been completed here at AgriScot and the Jersey heifer class which featured 14 entries has been won by D S Mackellar with Grayridge Comerica Vivacious, a March 2008-born daughter of Bridon Remake Comerica.

Second was Whispering Springs Iatola Sally, a January 2008-born Sc Gold Dust Paramount Iatola. And third was the Hunter Family with Clydevalley Centurion Belle, a January 2008-born SHF Centurion Sultan daughter.

Taking the Red and White heifer class were Messrs Nadin and Bradbury with Sterndale Deuce Rose Red, a January 2007-born Scientific SS Deuce daughter. In second spot were A and S Lawrie with Hilltower Queen Lulu Red, a Morwick Sand King Red daughter.

Third place here went to Hugh Woodburn, with Killoch Snowflake 41, a December 2007-born daughter of West Mossgiel Class Talent.