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Three Counties show results

The future of the Three Counties Show’s dairy classes must be in doubt after no adult Holsteins were forward this year and only one Jersey breeder exhibited.


Entries have been in decline for several years, with organisers blaming fears about bovine TB and the pressures faced by smaller farm labour forces.


Potential exhibitors visiting the 2008 event could have been forgiven for wondering what kudos there might be in making an effort to enter dairy cattle next year. Messrs Murray’s Jersey cow Fourcrosses Centurian Pine took the overall dairy award.


InterbreedDairyChamp blog.jpg

The problems faced by all livestock shows this year also reduced the number of beef cattle and sheep entered, but both breed and interbreed judges praised the quality of the stock paraded at Malvern in Worcestershire.


Bill Quan from Pontrilas in neighbouring Herefordshire, who judged interbreed beef championships, was particularly fulsome about Chris Turney’s home bred Charolais cow Hamilton Vogue, which took the interbreed beef championship.




interbreed beef blog.jpg

The April 2004 born cow from Mr Turney’s 30 cow herd at Tibberton in Gloucestershire, shown with calf at foot, looked superb as stockman Charlie Fairburn paraded her in bright sunshine.


“She is so feminine and correct that, as soon as she entered the ring, there was only one position I could place her in,” said Mr Quan, who had earlier made her continental beef breed champion.


It was the first time the Three Counties judging schedule had included separate interbreed awards for continental and native beef breeds. The native championship went to Douglas Scott’s very senior South Devon cow Grove Willowherb, also shown with her November born calf at foot.



reserve interbreed beef blog.jpg

 When she reached the overall championship showdown Mr Quan said the venerable nine year old was still a fine looking breeding cow that had clearly done a good job in her owner’s 90 cow herd at Moreton in Marsh, but the Charolais champion had the edge on the day.


A pair of British Simmentals exhibited by Boddington Estates Ltd at Cheltenham took the strongly contested interbreed beef pairs championship, with the Charolais team in reserve spot.


interbreed pairs blog.jpg

John Forsyth travelled from Maybole in Ayrshire to judge the interbreed sheep championships and he was not disappointed by the number or quality of the entries forward.


Having selected two separate champions from terminal sire breeds and the rest he had to pick one as overall winner. Many at ringside thought he would go for the stylish Kerry Hill champion, superbly shown by his breeder Dick Powell from Powys.


Because his 80 ewe flock is in a bluetongue free area Mr Powell has located a separate team of seven show animals outside Wales to compete east of Offa’s Dyke. Other sheep on the home farm have been entered for Welsh shows.


Despite his efforts to take the top sheep championship at Malvern for the third time, Mr Powell had to concede to Charollais breeder David Roberts.




An outstanding home bred yearling ewe, which had earlier taken the terminal sire breed championship, took the show’s ultimate sheep accolade for his flock of 65 Charollais females based at Shrewsbury.


The ewe also teamed up with a Daffurn and Curtis ram to take the interbreed pairs championship for the Charollais breed, with an excellent Suffolk team in reserve.


interbreed sheep pairs blog.jpg

One of the biggest smiles of the day was on Amanda Thomas’s face after she and William Edwards picked up the interbreed pig championship with their rising three- year-old, home-bred British Saddleback sow Pantysgawen Dinah.


It was the first championship win at Malvern for the couple who run only 15 pigs on a smallholding at Newbridge in Gwent.


interbreed pig blog.jpg

Three Counties show results


Charollais and interbreed sheep honours went to this shearling ewe from Mary Tulloch‘s Rutland flock.

If you have your own show photos that you‘d like us to display then just attach them to an email and send them to  – (please include details of which show the pictures are from).

Full results:


Interbreed Boddington Estates’ British Simmental heifer Sterling Adel’s Naomi; res, C J Hutchings’ British Limousin bull Goldies Trophy.
Interbreed pairs Limousins; res, Charolais.
Hereford R F Bailey’s bull Border General; res, R T Davies and Co’s bull Westwood Veron.
Aberdeen Angus I H Mclaren and Sons’ bull Aynho Everluton; res, C J Hutchings’ heifer West Bovey Jacata Erica.
Blonde d’Aquitaine I C and S D Archer’s cow Marston Mill Penelope Pitstop; res, I C and S D Archer’s bull Urubu.
British Charolais Messrs Turney’s cow Hamilton Snowdrop; res, Messrs Turney’s cow Hamilton Pheonix.
British Limousin C J Hutchings’ bull Goldies Trophy; res, Smiths of Bloxham’s cow Crowhill Orrannoe.
British Simmental Boddington Estates’ heifer Sterling Adel’s Naomi; res, C H Evans and Son’s bull Wroxall Paratrooper.
Devon Stonegrove Livestock’s heifer Stonegrove Norrie 3; res, G Hunter’s bull Tilbrook Sunset.
Highland H Dawes’ bull Lord Roadh of Craycombe; res, M Perkins’ heifer Carron of Thistle.
Longhorn Mrs Stanley’s heifer Blackbrook Moonstone; res, Bollin Valley Partnership’s bull Southfield Accord.
Murray Grey Otter and Co’s bull Ashrose Ninja; res, K Hemmingway’s Tir Mynach Heather.
South Devon W H Scott’s cow Grove Willowherb; res, Bredon School’s bull Bredon Walter.
Commercial cattle B and A Smith’s Charolais cross; res, G P Brooke’s


Holstein M and G Potter’s cow Liberty View Integrity Saffron; res, M and G Potter’s cow Liberty View Stoneham Desire.


Interbreed T R Mancey’s Red Poll heifer Moreton Lady Selina; res, K W Burgess’ Gloucester heifer Fenton Kirsten 3. 
Gloucester K Burgess’ heifer Fenton Kirsten 3; res, R A Day’s cow Bentfield Clover.
Dexter J A Knight’s cow Beechwood Daisy; res, J A Knight’s bull Kingsway Paddy.
Red Poll T R Mancey’s heifer Moreton Lady Selina; res, C Moody’s cow Warren Polka.


Interbreed M Tulloch’s British Charollais shearling ewe; res, R and R Powell’s Kerry Hill ram.
Interbreed terminal sires M Tulloch’s British Charollais shearling ewe; res, S Johnson’s British Bleu Du Maine shearling ewe.
Interbreed non-terminal sires R and R Powell’s Kerry Hill Ram; res, R Wear and B Norman’s Ryeland ram.
Beltex D Bishop’s shearling ewe; res, D Bishop’s shearling ram.
Berrichon Du Cher J C Walker’s shearling ram; res, M R Williams and Partners’ shearling ram.
British Bleu Du Maine S Johnson’s shearling ewe; res, P Tait’s shearling ewe.
British Charollais M Tulloch’s shearling ewe; res, A G Selway’s shearling ewe.
Clun Forest R W Francis and Son’s ram; res, D Searle’s shearling ewe.
Dorset Down J McMinn’s shearling ewe; res, Messrs Devonald’s ram lamb.
Hampshire Down M Adams’ shearling ram; res, M Adams’ shearling ewe.
Leicester Longwool D A and A E Goodman’s ram; res, D A and A E Goodman’s shearling ewe in wool.
Lleyn S E Peters’ ewe; res, S E Peters’ ram lamb.
Oxford Down D Clarry’s shearling ram; res, G Watson and N Grain’s ewe lamb. 
Rouge De L’Ouest M Brooke’s shearling ewe; res, H D Gruffydd’s ewe lamb.
Suffolk R Weaver and Sons’ ewe lamb; res, P M Fletcher’s ram lamb.
Texel C Ponting and Co’s shearling ewe; res, A Frazier’s ewe lamb.
Vendeen B Drury’s shearling ewe; res, C J Vernon-Miller’s shearling ram.
Zwartbles Ms Jones’ shearling ewe; res, T Davies’ ram.
Badger Face Welsh Mountain J Langford’s ewe; res, N Dillon’s ram.
Black Welsh Mountain Kinberley and Dawson’s ram; res, E O Williams’ ewe.
Cotswold D Stanhope’s ram; res, S Parkes’ shearling ram.
Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset G Jones’ ram; res, Griffiths and Davies’ ram lamb.
Jacob N J Heaven’s ewe; res, N J Heaven’s ram lamb.
Kerry Hill R and R Powell’s ram; res, R and R Powell’s ewe.
Lincoln Longwool J Newman’s ram; res, L Smith’s ram lamb.
Ryeland R Wear and B Norman’s ram; res, M N Collins’ ewe.


Interbreed modern P M Fowlie’s Large White sow Braemor Maple 21; res, D G Davies and Daughter’s Landrace boar Ceirios Elias.
Interbreed traditional N L G Hunkin’s Tamworth sow Shutvale Melody; res, P G Snell and Son’s Large Black sow Sock Bess.
Gloucester Old Spot S L Barnfield’s sow Crossoaks Muriel; res, H Moss’s gilt Winterwood Princess.
Berkshire Glebe Farm Berkshires’ sow Jobsmajor Royal Lustre; res, S L Barnfield’s gilt Kilcot Farewell.
Large Black P G Snell and Sons’ sow Sock Bess; res, A W Acreman’s boar Poplarburn Majestic.
Tamworth N L G Hunkin’s sow Shutvale Melody; res, C G Howes’ Stoneymoor Golden Rose.
Other modern/traditional P M Fowlie’s Large White Sow Braemor Maple 21; res, P M Fowlie’s Welsh boar Braemor James.

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By Robert Davies

A LAST-MINUTE substitution paid off for Holstein breeders Mike and Gwenda Potter at the Three Counties Show, Malvern.

One of their eight catalogued entries was out of sorts, so Liberty View Integrity Saffron, a homebred three-year-old second calver that produced 10,000 litres in her heifer lactation, replaced her.

Her breed championship win was a tremendous fillip for the former professional show cattle preparer and his wife, who spent most of 2003 struggling to cope with TB. They run a 65-cow herd on a county council smallholding at Stonehouse, Glos.

“It is very sad that Holsteins are the only breed at this show, and that TB has kept away so many black-and-white breeders who wanted to compete,” said Mr Potter.

In September, the couple take on the lease of a 66ha (164-acre) holding and plan to more than double their herd size.

Though they were not able to exhibit their exclusively-owned cattle at the 2003 event, the partners owned a share of the champion Holstein, which died suddenly a few months later.

A dozen beef breeds were forward at Malvern, setting a big first day challenge for interbreed judge John Astley from Anglesey.

In front of a large main ring crowd he pulled out Boddington Estates’ superb British Simmental heifer Stirling Adel’s Naomi as champion, with Goldies Trophy, Colin Hutchings’ well grown 2002 born British Limousin bull, in reserve.

A day later, the two competed again in the interbreed pairs, but John Hughes, Boddington’s stockman, decided to withdraw the heifer when the bull making up the pairing became fractious.

Judge Cliff Hopwood, who had not had time to look at the Simmentals, gave the championship to the sire Mr Hutchings bought for 6000gns and Crowhill Orranoe, Smiths of Bloxham’s cow with calf at foot.

Classes for dual purpose cattle brought the total number of championships won by Dexter breeder Judy Knight to 72, including her fourth breed championship in a row.

Her cow, Beechwood Daisy, took top spot and the icing on the cake came when her bull, Kingsway Paddy took reserve.

As usual there was keen interest when auctioneer Richard Gwilliam judged the three interbreed sheep competitions.

Mary Tulloch was delighted when a homebred shearling ewe from her Rutland flock of British Charollais sheep stood terminal breed champion.

But she admitted being worried about the head to head with veteran Kerry Hill breeder Richard Powell’s multi championship winning ram, which led the interbreed championship for other breeds.

In the end, it was Mrs Tulloch and husband Richard who were able to celebrate their first interbreed award at a major show.

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