Bergmann sugar beet© Jonathan Page

You can always rely on German maker Bergmann to unveil a monstrous machine.

Its latest RRW sugar beet chaser has been developed in conjunction with Ropa and is available in two sizes – 40 cu m and 50 cu m.

That means each will comfortably unload the two most common sizes of beet harvester.

To get the beet out again there’s a moving conveyor floor that takes it to the front where a high capacity elevator dumps the entire contents in less than a minute.

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Most of the hydraulic operations run off a pto powered pump mounted on the machine itself, but the elevator controls are plumbed into the tractor’s hydraulic circuit.

Under the body there are three steering axles that can be locked in a crab-steer mode.

This means each wheel will run on fresh ground to reduce soil damage.

A central tyre inflation system tops off the premium package, which has a list price of about €200,000 (£141,500)