The promise of improved herd health and an extra two litres of milk yield per cow from improved forage maize processing will be highlighted by Claas at the Lamma show.

“Shredlage” technology licensed from its developers in the US involves chopping maize much longer than usual – 26-30mm – and passing it between shredding rollers that maximise the surface area of the processed crop, resulting in improved bacterial fermentation in the clamp and during digestion in the cow’s rumen.

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Studies by the University of Wisconsin found significant improvement in the structural suitability of Shredlage-processed maize silage for the rumen, while also improving availability of starch from all parts of the plant.

The MCC Shredlage rollers, which are interchangeable with two existing corn cracking systems for Jaguar forage harvesters, rotate with a 50% difference in speed and have spiral grooves that pull the crop fragments apart as they are shredded and kernels are crushed.