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Tips and advice for buying a used forage wagon

Forage wagons have come on a long way in the past couple of decades and now offer an affordable way for small farms to keep the job of grass cutting…


Guide to buying used paddle-type feeder wagons

Following last week’s look at second-hand tub-based feeder wagons, this time around we’re focusing on the perks and pitfalls of used paddle-type machines Keenan has been a dominating force on…


Tips for buying a second-hand tub feeder wagon

Livestock farmers might be notorious for their aversion to machinery maintenance, but that’s no reason to completely disregard the chance to snap up an older feeder wagon on the cheap.…


Front mowers on test – is pushed or pulled best?

If you are shopping for a new front mower, aside from the brand, there’s one big decision to make – whether you want a push or a pull front suspension…

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Case studies


AD firm urges contractors to charge higher, sustainable rates

AD plant management firm Future Biogas has taken the unusual step of encouraging the contractors it employs to charge sustainable rates in order to build a long-lasting and performance-focused relationship.…


Dorset farmer opts for old-school auto-feeding silage tower

It’s not unusual to see ranks of tower silos standing across the rural North American skyline, but the sight of one in Dorset is far more rare. Tower silos started…


Round-bale chaser slashes haulage costs

An farmer in Ireland has designed and built a potentially revolutionary machine that makes collecting hard-to-handle, tricky-to-stack round silage bales a doddle.  Chasing square bales at great speeds with high…


One-pass Wecan reseeder cuts workload for Devon contractors

Based in the heart of dairy country in North Devon, Battledown Contractors concentrates specifically on servicing the needs of the region’s many livestock enterprises. The company is run by the…

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Stalkbuster hacks down maize stubbles while harvesting

Header maker Kemper has developed a chopping system that fits beneath a regular maize header to cut stubbles tight to the ground. The Stalkbuster is designed to obliterate the habitat…


Non-stop round balers: a glimpse of the future?

Many manufacturers have had a stab at producing a credible non-stop round baler, but as yet none have managed to do so with any real commercial success. The combination of…

How hedgecutter maker Bomford Turner became a UK success story

The Bomford company’s pioneering approach to power farming dates back 150 years or more to the early days of steam cultivation when Benjamin Bomford bought a set of cable ploughing…

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Pictures: Scotgrass 2019 showcases latest grassland kit

The triennial Scotgrass show took place in Dumfries last week, showcasing the very latest machines designed to make dealing with grass an easier job. From monster foragers to small paddock toppers,…


Scotgrass 2019: Merger, mower and forage wagon highlights

The Scotgrass site at Crichton near Dumfries was busy with the sounds of forage harvesters, tractors and loading shovels making light work of a healthy grass crop. We've picked out…


Video: The best bits from Scotgrass 2019

Scotgrass 2019 took place at the Crichton Royal Trust in Dumfries last Wednesday (15 May) under some scorching mid-May sunshine. The triennial event was well attended despite there being plenty…


Scotgrass 2019: The best of the foragers

The big foragers took to the grass at the triennial Scotgrass event near Dumfries, where punters got the chance to see machines from the likes of Fendt, New Holland, Claas,…

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Test and reviews


Early 2000s Krone Big M mower still going strong

When faced with 2,500ha of grass to cut a season, many contractors would invest in set of shiny new kit covered by the welcome reassurance of a manufacturer’s warranty.  But…


Forager makers aim to raise milk yields with long-chop maize

There has been plenty of chat in the industry of late about the benefits of long-chop maize on cow health, milk yield and quality. The theory is the bulkier forage…


Buyer's guide to brushcutters

When it comes to keeping farm fence lines clear of overgrowth, there is no substitute for brushcutters. These machines are so good that it’s hard to find a bad one.…


Driver’s view: Contractor rates his Krone Multibale

When Kent contractor David Burden went in search of a reliable summer job to supplement his no-till drilling business, big baling seemed the obvious answer. Armed with a £50,000 budget,…

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Video: US farmer smashes eight-hour world mowing record

A Colorado-based farmer has smashed the world record for grass cut in an eight-hour period. Tate Mesbergen from Mesbergen Farms, Greely, Colorado, set about the challenge on 1 July and…


Video: Best kit from Grassland & Muck 2017

This year’s Grassland and Muck event was the place to see all the latest and greatest kit in the world of forage production in one place. A thick grass crop…


Heavy-duty Holaras silage compactor set to work on UK clamps

Norfolk-based dealer WM Agri has taken on the Holaras franchise, with an eye on selling its silage clamp equipment across the UK. The MES Leveller comes with two hydraulic independent…

Video: Grassland UK show highlights

Last week’s Grassland UK event took place on 7 May at Bridge Farm and Bagborough Farm, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, and was the place to see the latest grassland and muck-handling…

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