Kuhn mixer-bedder

Kuhn will be launching four models of its Profile Plus twin-auger TMR mixer wagons at this year’s AgriScot event at Ingliston, Edinburgh, on 18 November, all with a useful-looking integrated bedding system.

All four models have a narrow body to make life easier in older buildings.

They also make use of many of the features on the standard Profile 70 vertical auger mixer wagons, says the company.

These include a low loading height, compact external dimensions (the 15cu m model is 2.42m wide and 2.83m high), right or left feed discharge door and an electronic weighing system as standard.

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It also has a front-mounted straw-blowing turbine that can throw 600kg of bedding material to a distance of 18m in just four-and-a-half minutes, says the maker.

It is available in capacities of 15, 16, 18 and 20cu m and uses two independent vertical augers to mix a range of feedstuffs.

Adjustable counter-knives cut fibrous material to a pre-determined length and the small-diameter augers are said to reduce the range’s power requirement.

The 15cu m Profile Plus 1570, for instance, needs only an 80hp tractor.

A tilting feed conveyor and swivelling straw-blowing chutes are available as optional extras.

Prices are £41,034 for the 15cu m 1570 model, £41,543 for the 16cu m 1670 model, £42,480 for the 1870 model and £43,687 for the top-of-the-range 20cu m 2070.