Kuhn has extended its range of front-mounted tanks suitable to run with the lightweight Deltis sprayer.

Size options now extend from 1,000 to 1,500 litres, making for a total capacity of 3,500 litres when the biggest tank is combined with the rear-mounted sprayer.

The spraying unit is now available with a 2,000-litre capacity only and comes with features including sectional filters with pressure sensors, a rear-mounted pump and its unique flexible induction hopper, which is designed to help with the mixing of granules and powders.

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The new-style front tank also has an integrated wash tank and the front guard folds down to become a step to help with filling.

Kuhn sprayer front tank

Elsewhere, the GA 15131 Gyrorake has been added to the French firm’s existing range of grass rakes.

It uses four 3.65m-diameter rotors to give a working width of 9.5m to 14.7m. The forward pair has 13 tine arms and runs 20% faster than the rears, which have 15 arms.

Kuhn rake

Hydraulically driven rotors reduce the number of ptos, offer better articulation than some of its rivals and keep noise to a minimum while it is working.

Kuhn rake hydraulic pumpmp

It weighs 6.1t and is 3m wide, 4m tall and 10.6m long when folded for transport. It requires a minimum pto output of 115hp and will cost about £70,000.