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After sowing and planting, crop sprayers and fertiliser spreaders are the most influential machines for optimising crop production through to harvest. So our farm machinery pages cover the latest models, techniques and technologies – including precision farming – to make the most of these resources.

Advice and tips


Advice on setting up the perfect umbilical slurry system

Spreading slurry through an umbilical system can be vastly more efficient than running tankers, but it’s not always a practical proposition for every farm, particularly those with outlying ground a…


Nozzle expert gives tips on more accurate spray application

Arable production across the prairies of western Canada might appear to have little in common with that of the UK, but they share one problem: how to increase sprayer productivity…


Tractor cab filters: are you protected?

Most operators and farmers will be well aware of the potential risks that working with agricultural chemicals brings, but with the right precautions, users will be kept free from any…


What to look for when buying a used trailed sprayer

There are plenty of good reasons to run a trailed sprayer. Not only will modern machines match the capacity of their self-propelled equivalents but they’ll also equal them in terms…

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Case studies


Twin fert spreader combo reduces passes and eases logistics

One of the first Amazone front and rear spreader combinations in the UK is allowing its Dorset-based owners to spread two products at variable rates in a single pass and…


Greeneye builds twin-line spray pack to target applications

There is no shaking the feeling of impending doom surrounding the future availability of many herbicide active ingredients, but that needn’t mean booming weed populations, dwindling yields and slumping profits.…


Driver's view: JSE-Systems' high-speed spreading outfit

Providing a reliable and consistent application service, especially during the busiest period of an arable farm’s seasonal calendar, is a key element of JSE-Systems’ business that supplies a range of…


Bespoke liquid fert kits improve no-till drilled crops

A wind of change is sweeping through UK crop establishment practices, with more and more growers being lured into splashing the cash on a no-till drill. With this increased uptake…

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Inventions Comp 2020: Fertiliser bogie slashes power use

Owen Wilks’ Fertable fertiliser bogie placed third in the intermediate category of the Farmers Weekly inventions competition. One of this year’s most experienced entrants is 80-year-old Owen Wilks, who has…

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Cultan injection kit - how it can improve nitrogen efficiency

Injecting fertiliser into the soil rather than spreading or spraying it over the top may sound expensive and overcomplicated, but a growing number of farmers believe they have been rewarded…


Simple 24m mounted sprayers for less than £30,000

Mounted sprayers appeal to a broad church, with pint-sized smallholder models at one end of the spectrum and colossal 4,000-litre front-and-rear combinations at the other. There is also a sizeable…


Broadacre spot spraying kits: All you need to know

Weed identification has been a cornerstone of arable farming for centuries, but it may no longer rely on keen eyes, muddy wellies and an encyclopaedic knowledge of botanical enemies. That’s…

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Simple electric robot offers entry-level autonomy

A Chinese-built robot could help small-scale farmers carry out a host of field and yard tasks, including mowing, pellet spreading and spraying. The fully electric R150-ATJ platform has a four-wheel…


Australian firms develop driverless spot-spraying outfit

A trio of tech companies have joined forces to develop what they claim is the world’s first driverless spot sprayer. The autonomous Australian outfit features a custom-built 2,500-litre Prairie Special…


Vervaet dips into four-wheel market with 550hp monster

After years staying true to the trike concept for its self-propelled spreaders, Vervaet has decided to break from tradition and built its own four-wheeler. The 21cu m Quad slurry tanker…


Bredal improves section control on F4W fertiliser spreader

Bredal's new mounted fertiliser spreader capable of a 40m throw and more accurate section control is now available through North Yorkshire distributor KRM. The Isobus-ready F4W comes with a 12-section…

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Test and reviews


Driver's view: Luke Haynes’ Bateman RB35 sprayer

Basis-qualified Luke Haynes reveals the good and the bad of the Bateman RB35 he operates for the Montreal Estate in Kent. See also: Broadacre spot spraying kits: All you need to…


Driver's view: Tristan Newens' trailed John Deere R952i

Tristan Newens was the only 2020 Farm Sprayer Operator of the Year finalist running a trailed sprayer. He explains why he made the switch away from a self-propelled and how…


Driver's view: Michael Knight's Sands Horizon 5500

Experienced spray man Michael Knight now runs a modestly specced but high-output Sands Horizon 5500, which replaced a five-year-old 4,000-litre Vision in February. He tells us how it has performed…


Driver's view: FSOOTY winner Matt Fuller's Bateman RB35

Matt Fuller, winner of Syngenta's Farm Sprayer Operator of the Year competition for 2020, gives us the lowdown on his Bateman RB35 fitted with Capstan's pulse-width modulation system. He works…

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Video: Horsch reveal drilling innovations and tillage tweaks

German implement maker Horsch is experiencing strong UK sales from its tillage and crop protection machines. However, with the uncertainty surrounding glyphosate regulation and Brexit, the company thinks that exploring…


Video: How nozzle choice affects spray quality and efficacy

Selecting the appropriate sprayer nozzle for pre-emergence weed control is an important step in cutting spray drift and maximising the efficacy of the chemicals being applied. There are four key…


Video: Cereals sprayers in action

Manufacturers flocked from far and wide to demonstrate their latest machines in the Sprays and Sprayers arena at this year’s Cereals event. From the smallest mounted units to the largest…


3 Cereals videos: Top tractors, cultivation kit and sprayers

Machinery makers from across the globe flocked to Boothby Graffoe, Lincolnshire this week (10-15 June) for the annual Cereals 2015 event. We captured a few highlights from the tractor manufacturers, cultivation…

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