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LAMMA 2005

Frost damage can make or break a carrot crop.

Consequently, those roots left in the ground over winter need to be well protected against the elements.

Fed a diet of big square bales, this monster straw bedder covers the crop with an insulating layer.

The side panels of the unit fold down to carry a total of seven bales and a conveyor carries them to spiral-toothed rotors which chop the straw.

LAMMA 2005

Built by Graham Edwards in Yorks, this de-mountable tri-axle stock trailer has a wind-away second deck.

Sections of the deck fold from the front of the trailer and slide out on rails to form a flat surface.

When it is no longer required a winch on the front bulkhead winds the sections back in to leave a completely clear standard-height body.

Using three axles makes the trailer safer and more stable according to the manufacturer, giving 50% greater contact area for braking.

This version costs about 4500.

LAMMA 2005

Knight Farm Machinery used the LAMMA Show to introduce a mid-specification trailed sprayer for the cost-conscious grower.

Priced at under 20,000, growers can choose from 2500-litre or 3000-litre tanks and boom widths from 16m-24m.

Essentially a no-frills machine, the Viking features a simple control system, sturdy chassis, stainless steel spraylines and a 250-litre/min diaphram pump.

In-cab boom section controls and application pressure adjustment is standard, though automatic rate control is optional.

LAMMA 2005

By adding a leading gang of 700mm diameter discs to its Sumo Trio three-section cultivator, York-based SW Agriservices has developed the Sumo Quatro cultivator.

After the chopping and mixing action of the discs, subsoiler legs offer a working depth of up to 400mm for deep loosening, followed by a double gang of 500mm concave discs.

Consolidation is courtesy of a 600mm diameter packer with notched press rings. Working widths range from 3-8m, with power requirements from 220-550hp. Prices start at 22,360 for the Sumo Quatro.

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