Amia rake being used in a field.© Kevin Milner Countryside Photography

If you want to shift lots of grass in one pass, Enorossi’s latest Batrake V-rake is probably the machine to do it with. Speeds of 20kph are fully possible, says importer Amia, and the machine works in a way that avoids the problems of roping on many ground-driven machines.

The raking wheels get underneath the grass (or straw) and move the material from wheel to wheel until it forms the windrow, says the company, instead of rolling the grass or straw on the ground. 

Soil compaction is minimal, too, as only a small hp tractor is needed to operate the machine compared with twin- or four-rotor rakes. Maintenance is also reduced as there are fewer moving parts and no pto to connect.

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Tine breakages are also said to be rare, thanks to thicker and stronger tines than on previous machines.

Cost of the Batrake 10 model with 5.6m-6.6m width with optional centre kicker wheel and windguards 6m is £5,287. There’s also a 6m-7.4m Batrake 12 model for £5,800 and a 5-5.6m Batrake 8 for £4,999.

Biggest of all is the ERS16ST EasyRake Superstar with rear auto-steering system and centre kicker wheel for £13,500

The heavy frame and high profile of the Batrake are said to give a full 800mm of ground clearance, allowing it to rake heavy silage, hay or straw on all types of ground contours. Horsepower on the Batrake 10 is just 40hp.