Cars have had immobilisers for years, and now they are finally trickling into farming. Read our summary of the different types available.

Enigma eLock

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Enigma is one of the two national companies authorised by CESAR to fit the Datatag system to tractors. It also offers its own eLock electric immobiliser and a tracking system (see below). Cost of the CESAR tagging system is £109 fitted. The immobiliser costs £320 fitted.


08000 833 066

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Thiefbeater operates in a somewhat different way from other security companies

It offers a range of high-end immobilisers (so thieves don’t know exactly what unit they’re up against) for about £600 and various GPS trackers for about £450 + monitoring/data costs.

They also have their own £299 tagging and register system which involves stamping an ID on to a machine in 40 different places, including chassis, windows and bodywork. Each machine also has a PIN number as well as microdot forensic DNA applied as a further measure.


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Hydraulic system that has been available since 1988. Typical cost is £600-£650 installed and a network of UK dealers is available to do the fitting.


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Vapormatic’s unit was launched in January and uses a wireless keypad installed in the cab.. Each keypad can accept up to five different pin numbers and there is a master code for whoever is in charge. The system cuts into the tractor’s fuel management system. Cost is £260 installed


0870 787 5687

Kosran ECV system works on the vehicle’s hydraulic and electrical systems. Not on the Thatcham list at the moment, but well-known in the construction industry for some time. Cost is £600 installed.