Euromix feeder wagon

As dairy herds get bigger, the pressure on manufacturers to come up with really big mixer wagons is growing. Kuhn’s four Euromix 1-70 series machines, for instance, can hold up to 45cu m of feed, enough to serve 360 high-yielding dairy cattle in a single load.

The Euromix wagons are fitted with three vertical augers, each of which has seven mixing knives. 

The tandem axle 2870 and 3370 models have a capacity of 28cu m and 33cu m respectively and are capable of feeding up to 225 or 260 cows in a single load. 

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The steering triple-axle 3970 and 4570 machines have capacities of 39cu m and 45cu m and can feed up to 310 and 360 cows in a single load.

Though the machines look huge, they are 2.44m wide and will apparently fit most cow housing facilities. The 2870 has an overall height of 2.74m and is designed for use in sheds with restricted height access, while the largest 4570 machine is a relatively low 3.45m. The 3370 and 3970 both have a maximum height of 3m.

Prices for the 2870 start from £75,732 and the top-of-the-range 4570 starts at a cool £100,475.

Siloking triple-auger mixer wagon

Kverneland’s Siloking Triple 36 and Triple 40 vertical mixers, meanwhile, offer capacities of 36cu m and 40cu m respectively. Both models are available with three-axle configurations, where the first and third axles are steered.

Overall height is 3.26m, allowing access into traditional buildings. Wireless control, front cross-conveyor, multiple rear-discharge doors and heavy-duty tub magnets are available.

An online system allows the end user to access and adjust rations, then transfer data between the office computer and machine control box.

The Triple 36 is priced from £79,785 and the Triple 40 from £81,370.