Vicon RV5216 baler wrapper

Simpler netting and bale density control are features of new variable-size round balers and baler-wrappers from Vicon are making their debut at Lamma.

The Vicon RV5216 and RV5220 replace the previous generation RV4216 and RV4220 balers, and use five endless belts and a “closed chamber” arrangement for quickly starting off bales that can grow to 1.65m or 2m maximum diameter.

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The PowerBind net system uses fewer components, eliminates feed-in rollers and has been engineered to avoid interference from external factors such as wind and the material being baled.

Net is fed directly into the chamber from an arm that moves into position once the bale is 90% complete and is kept under tension at all times.

It is said to be one of the fastest netting systems around and also the easiest to load a fresh roll of net from the spare rolls storage alongside.

The Intelligent Density 3D control software provides pre-configured settings for straw, hay and silage, with fine-tuning of zones within the bale also possible.

At the front end, a 2.2m five-bar pick-up with new roller press and helical twin-tine rotor are designed for positive intake of material with 14- or 25-knife crop slicing if required.

A compact internal pick-up drive means guide wheels can remain in place as they are within the 2.5m overall width of the baler.