21 June 2002

Best of British look the part in eyes of judges

By Jonathan Long

WHILE catering vans at the East of England Show in Peterborough, Cambs, were serving Dutch bacon, exhibitors were determined to put on a show of quality British livestock.

Proving the point in the pig lines was Brian Upchurch, of Royston, Herts, who took the interbreed award with his British Lop sow Greenway Harmony 42. The sow had also taken the supreme title at Suffolk Show one week previously.

She is due to farrow in the first week of July and was described by judge Rachel Wyllie as an exceptional sow who demonstrates the ability of minority breeds to produce pigs suitable for the modern trade. Second spot in the pig section went to the Kiddy familys Saddleback sow Balsham Ellen 39.

Mrs Wyllie had reason to celebrate herself later in the day when Cader Regal, a young Charolais bull which she jointly owns with Richard Hassell, took the junior interbreed ticket and the supreme beef championship. Nineteen-month-old Regal, by the French sire Storm Major and out of imported cow Maerdy Hotesse, was bought privately last autumn for £15,000. Having worked Regal already, they intend to offer him at Novembers Perth bull sales after collecting semen.

While sheep numbers were down, there was plenty of quality on show, according to interbreed judge John Maxwell from Ely, Cambs. His supreme champion came from the Charollais lines, an outstanding shearling ewe from the Coulson familys 60 ewe flock. The reserve ticket in the sheep section went to a Suffolk ewe lamb from Merrick and Julie Pinnys Alloaks flock.



Interbreed R Hassells Charolais bull Cader Regal; res, M J Bruntons Limousin bull Sheelin Prince.

Aberdeen Angus Shadwell Estates bull Shadwell Emperor; res, Shadwell Estates cow Shadwell Delilah.

Hereford Wenmar Farms bull Wenmar 1 Sensation; res, R Mannings bull Dendor 1 Scoundrel.

British Charolais R Hassells bull Cader Regal; res, J R and V A Webbs cow Rushfield Nightingale.

British Simmental E T Archers bull Janeric Likely Lad; res, D A Sapseds cow Awl Starlet.

Devon C Thorntons bull Thorndale Assirati.

Murray Grey L I Roberts cow Troytown Gussie; res, P C P and J G Harris bull Sence Valley Chieftan.

South Devon J Fishs bull Grove Cornelius 30; res, Broome and Fords cow Welland Valley Hazzell.

British White F W Cook and Sons bull Albany Plato; res, D Birkbecks cow Hevingham Bluetit.

Limousin M J Bruntons bull Sheelin Prince; res, I Browns bull Lowgate Spartacus.

British Belgian Blue J and W Laights heifer Witham Bank Saphire; res, B E Newtons bull Chestnuts Ted.

Longhorn G &#42 Wilds bull Rousham Yogi; res, J M and S M Ardens heifer Ardenlea Baleno.

Highland S G Yarhams bull Ronnie of Balhadie; res, J S Prices cow Eilidh 4 of Dunvegan.

Beef Shorthorn C Horrells bull Chapelton Promoter; res, J L Dunlops bull Tarrant Jackal.

A O B pedigree beef breed D Newtons bull Chestnuts Dynamite; res, J S Prices cow Park Willow.

Rare and minority R A Days cow Bentfield Mollie; res, J and W Laights Anwick Hannah.

Commercial beef A Padfields Belgian Blue x heifer.


Interbreed R D and C Steeples cow Cromar Raider Beatexus; res, R D and C Steeples cow Cramar Golddust Ruby.

Dexter P W Hunts bull Saltaire Watrerrat; res, S M Kindreds cow Salvator Hebe.

Holstein Friesian R D and C Steeples cow Cromar Raider Beatexus; res, R D and C Steeples cow Cramar Golddust Ruby.


Interbreed B Upchurchs British Lop sow Greenway Harmony 42; res, M J Kiddys Saddleback sow Balsham Ellen 39.

White pigs B Upchurchs British Lop sow Greenway Harmony 42; res, M J Kiddys Large White boar Withersfield Field Marshall 3.

Coloured pigs M J Kiddys Saddleback sow Balsham Ellen 39; res, S Samuels boar Shenlow General.

Pig pairs B Upchurchs British Lops; res, M J Kiddys Large Whites.

Pig of the Year qualifier M J Kiddys Large White boar Withersfield Field Marshall; res, B Upchurchs British Lop gilt Greenway Harmony 53.


Interbreed A J Coulson and Sons Charollais shearling ewe; res, M J and J A Pinnys Suffolk ewe lamb.

Suffolk M J and J A Pinnys ewe lamb; res, C Kniedstedts shearling ewe.

Jacob P A Marlow Spaldings ewe; res, P A Marlow Spaldings ram.

Down Breeds B Lugsdens Dorset Down shearling ewe; res, G C Watson and C J Grains Oxford Down shearling ewe.

Texel Castle Ashby Farms shearling ram; res, Castle Ashby Farms ewe lamb.

Shropshire L A Gerards ram; res, L Newmans ram lamb.

Hampshire Down C Horrells ewe lamb; res, C Horrells ram lamb.

Charollais A J Coulson and Sons shearling ewe; res, A J Coulson and Sons ewe.

British Bleu Du Maine J Burys ewe; res, J McInnes Skinners ewe lamb.

Longwool R M and C W Marshs Lincoln Longwool ewe; res, S A Blakely and M Leechs Wensleydale ram lamb.

A O B Continental G and N Pamplins Beltex shearling ram; res, G and N Pamplins Beltex shearling ewe.

A O B Native R Beechers Kerry Hill shearling ewe; res, J Whybrows Manx Loghtan ram.

Above:King of the show… Cader Regal, from Richard Hassell and Rachel Wyllie, took the interbreed beef championship.

Below:The Coulson family did the double in the Charollais section when their shearling ewe took the interbreed title.

A rare event… British Lop Sow Greenway Harmony 42 claimed the interbreed pig honours for the second time in as many weeks.