25 April 2001
Biofuel lobby group to meet DETR

By FWi staff

BIOFUEL industry representatives have welcomed an invitation from the Government for an urgent meeting to discuss misunderstandings over biodiesel.

The Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions called for the meeting after MPs voted against cutting biodiesel tax on Tuesday (24 April).

Officials are eager to discuss with British Association for Bio Fuels and Oils a range of claimed misunderstandings that emerged in Commons debate.

Welcoming the invitation, BABFO chairman Peter Clery said: This is a useful indication of more flexible thinking.

As increased knowledge becomes available, it seems the benefits are being better understood.

Biofuel hopes appeared to have suffered a blow when Labour MPs voted down an amendment to the Finance Bill calling for a cut in duty on bio-diesel.

The amendment had called for duty on oilseed rape-based biodiesel to be cut by 33p/litre, instead of the 20p/litre proposed in the Budget.

If passed, oilseed rape production could have jumped 0.5m ha with growers receiving 150/t for rapeseed destined for that market, said Mr Clery.

After the vote Mr Clery claimed that the Government was receiving completely duff advice on the issue.

No date has yet been set for the meeting.


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