30 August 2002

Bosch introduces new hedge cutters

BOSCH has added two new hedge cutters – the AHS 6000 and 7000 Pro – to its product range.

Powered by 650w motors, the 6000 and 7000 are equipped with 60cm and 70cm long blades respectively, and have 34mm wide spacings between each tooth.

An 80Nm torque slip clutch, says Bosch, allows stall-free cutting of dense hedges, while laser cut, diamond ground blades are designed to reduce vibration.

The AHS 6000 and 7000 Pro both come fully assembled with a protective cover and are fitted with a quick stop blade brake.

Prices of the models are £125 and £135 respectively. (01895-834466, website www.bosch.co.uk)