By FWi staff

HARD-PRESSED sheep farmers are starting to receive the agrimonetary compensation payments which were agreed with the EU and the Government, according to the NFU.

The compensation is the first package secured by UK agriculture to counteract changes in agrimonetary payments caused by this years introduction to the Euro.

The payment will apply to just under 20 million sheep across the UK. The rates will be £1.36 per eligible ewe based on the 1998 Sheep Annual Premium (SAPS) claim and £0.47 per ewe on the Less Favoured Area (LFA) scheme.

NFU president Ben Gill said that the NFU lobbied hard to gain this compensation which is worth more than £30 million to the UK sheep sector.

“For many sheep farmers this extra payment will be especially welcome at a time when incomes are extremely low,” said Mr Gill.

“The despair being felt throughout the industry is reaching new depths.”