12 June 1998
Farmers Ferry chiefs slam
Barclays pull-out

PRODUCER directors of Farmers Ferry Ltd have slammed Barclays Bank for pulling out of the live sheep export project.

They claim that the banks on-off association with the fledgling company might have compromised plans to start carrying stock on a roll-on roll-off ferry operating between Dover and Dunkirk in July. But it appears that farmer support is unshaken.

“The collection of cash has been delayed, but auctioneers and farming union branches are now paying in the cheques they held,” a farmer director of the ferry initiative said. “It is also clear that Barclays decision to surrender to threats from a few extremists has fired up farmers to give us their backing. Perhaps Barclays Bank should withdraw from British farming as it has from this attempt to put more money in sheep producers pockets.”

A statement from Barclays said the decision not to act as the projects bankers was taken to protect the safety of its customers and staff, and was based on consultations with police and postal services.

The bank now administering the Farmers Ferry account is not being identified. Cheques, which organisers hope will include £100 for the first 100 ewes in a flock and £10 for each additional 100 ewes, should be sent to P.O. Box 1, Portishead, Bristol, BS20 9BR.

These will be regarded as non-returnable gifts to the company unless the minimum £1.5 million funding required is not forthcoming. In that event the money will be returned less a pro-rata share of expenses.

  • Farmers Ferry plans run aground as Barclays pulls plug, FWi, 5 June

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