27 August 1997
First Argentine fresh beef in 70 years heads for US

THE first consignment of fresh beef from Argentina to the US after a 70-year ban was due to arrive yesterday. The first 7001b (317.5kg) will be sent to Washington to be served during promotional events.

The US decided to allot an initial beef quota of 20,000 tonnes to Argentina. However, Argentine beef arrives at a time when consumption is declining and US prices for beef are low due to recent E.coli outbreaks and scares.

Several weeks ago, a major US meat processor, Hudson Foods, had to recall 25m lb of beef after E.coli bacteria were found in their beef patties.

Burger King, one of Hudsons largest clients, has already said that it would be using a new supplier following the scare.

  • Financial Times 27/08/97 page 4