7 September 2001

Glitches gone with upgraded potato model

MAPP, the Management Advisory Package for Potatoes launched in February by SCRIs commercial arm, Mylnefield Research Services, has been updated for 2002.

The new version includes models for nearly all varieties and bed-systems and has ironed out a few minor glitches experienced with the original, says project manager John Marshall.

With the package growers run what-if questions on their computers to determine the optimum management decisions for crops in the field.

For example, having entered initial test-dig data, yield in up to five size grades is predicted according to burn-down date. If prices for grades are entered this is converted into a profit figure, he explains.

Price of MAPP 2002 is the same as the original at £500 for the software plus £500/year for a 10 crop licence. About 400 crop licences have been granted since its launch, he says. &#42