16 June 1998
Massive majority opposed to
GM crops — survey

By FWi staff

MORE than three-quarters of the British public want genetically modified crops banned, according to survey results released this week.

A Mori opinion poll for the pressure group GeneWatch found 77% of the public are against GM crops, 61% do not want to eat GM food, and 58% oppose the use of genetic engineering in food production.

GeneWatch is calling for a moratorium on GM crops until the implications of growing them have been fully assessed.

“The Government should not be rushed into introducing this new technology but should listen to its electorate and declare an immediate halt to the commercial exploitation of genetically engineered crops until the whole issue has been properly evaluated,” said GeneWatch director, Dr Sue Mayer.

  • Britain to support fast-track GM approval scheme, FWi, today (16 June)