• Check all data – do not assume all pre-populated data are either correct or complete
  • Check your set-aside and voluntary set-aside coding – critical this year, as if you code up more set-aside than you have entitlements, you will not get paid on the surplus
  • Do not overlap the 10-month period from one year to the next, as this could count as a dual claim. Check last year’s form and especially other forms where new land has been taken on
  • Entitlement management is crucial – 2007 is the first year that you could lose unclaimed entitlements if they were not activated in 2005 or 2006
  • Cross-compliance (Part F) – look out for the new SMRs on animal welfare and tick the “yes” or “no” box as appropriate
  • Take a copy of everything that is going to the RPA
  • Send a covering letter to explain any “issues” to the RPA.


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