14 June 2002

Poster requests pour in

HUNDREDS of free School Milk Matters posters have been requested by farmers weekly readers throughout the country.

Whether callers wanted one or 51 posters, their aim was the same – to back our campaign, run in conjunction with milk processor Dairy Crest, to boost the uptake of subsidised milk in UK schools.

Claire Murray, whose family farms at Lower Old Park Farm, Farnham, Surrey, expressed the enthusiasm of many callers. "I think your campaign is a brilliant idea. Most children at school drink so much rubbish, lets give them the opportunity to drink healthy British milk."

Cambs producers wife Judith Jacobs agreed that our campaign is just what is needed to raise awareness about the availability of subsidised school milk. "The children would love to have milk but a lot of parents either dont know subsidised milk is available or cant be bothered to claim it because they think its too dear. We really need to push milk harder in the nations schools."

To help put that message across Mrs Jacobs requested 12 posters to display in her local primary school.

To order your free FW School Milk Matters poster, simply phone 020-8652 4911, fax 020-8652-4005. Or you can download a free poster from our web-site farmers weekly Interactive by accessing www.fwi.co.uk/milkmatters

lFor more on FWs campaign, see our Farmlife section. &#42